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What’s the absolute best, most perfect way to peel a banana?

June 13, 201212 Comments

A classic “difficult to get into fruit”, most people peel bananas the hard way. But there is an easy way.  To no more bruised, mushy banana ends. 🙂 Anyone have another handy trick for getting into another “difficult to get into fruit”? music: “My Imagination” by Spirit Kid LOVElillian Please share this episode if you […]

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6 Basic Kitchen Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

May 30, 201212 Comments

A peeler gets the best of me. And it got me thinking. What are the basic kitchen tools that just make life easier? And I don’t mean, fancy gadgets. Although, those are nice too. But this list is all about the very basic things that just make life easy. If there is one thing I’ve learned […]

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Pumpkin Muffins!

November 22, 20112 Comments

It’s that time. MUFFIN TIME. Ingredients 1 cup Pumpkin Puree (Canned is fine. But make sure it’s just pumpkin and nothing else) 3 large Eggs 1/4 cup Grapeseed Oil 1/2 cup Maple Syrup 2 cups Blanched Almond Flour

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Congratulations to Mean Creek!

November 22, 20110 Comments

Mean Creek, the band who’s song “It’s good to be back again” is featured in my latest short episode: Grade A Maple Syrup -vs- Grade B Maple Syrup, just won best album of the year at the Boston Music Awards! Check out their award winning album and download it HERE!!!

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Grade B Maple Syrup -vs- Grade A Maple Syrup

November 18, 20110 Comments

if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between the two, I have answers. You’re welcome.

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Lillian’s Relationship Advice

November 16, 20112 Comments

Catie and I discuss relationships while I make pumpkin muffins. It gets kind of revealing. The music in this episode is the song Big Mouth by Destry. Check them out HERE! They are super awesome. Lovelillian

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Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

November 4, 20110 Comments

These are ridiculous and should NOT be missed.

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I love leftovers

October 29, 20110 Comments

Leftovers are my favorite food group. They are the best part of an expensive meal out. They are the best part of making an entire cake, pie, crisp, soup or chicken. Because the next day, when I’m feeling lazy, all I have to do is go to the fridge and it’s there, already made, waiting […]

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What is arrowroot powder?

October 28, 20110 Comments

Alex asks, I answer. Lovelillian

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Paleo Raspberry Thumbprint Mini-Cakes

October 7, 20110 Comments

These bad boys are either enormous cookies, or really small cakes. Either way, they’re totally delicious. This recipe was thoroughly inspired by AndreAnna Mclean’s recipe for Flourless Grain-free Fig Newton Mini-Cakes.

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