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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 151 (Change of Scene)

March 12, 20132 Comments

Today I am grateful for a change of scene. I am working on a new project right now that is awesome but also scares the bejeesus out of me. I’m scared to finish it. I’m scared to put it out there. I’m scared about what your reaction will be. I have been sitting here for what […]

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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 121 (Clarity)

February 11, 20131 Comment

Today I am grateful for clarity and real talk. Certain kinds of uncertainty make me nuts. And by nuts I mean, very anxious. But getting the skinny, the low down, the real deal, having some real talk, and a sincere conversation will help me calm down faster than anything else. Today, this is my motto, […]

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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 108 (Breath)

January 28, 20130 Comments

Today I am grateful for the power of breath. I just started taking a fabulous pilates class on Saturdays. This past class, the teacher talked a lot about breath. For the first part of the class he had us breathe in for 5 counts, hold it for 5 counts, and exhale for 5. It’s such […]

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The pressures of perfection.

April 11, 20110 Comments

Sometimes it’s the pressure of needing it to be perfect that stops us from making something new. I used to let it stop me all the time. ( Will it go well? Will I love it? Will it have been worth the time and the energy? Did I just waste all these ingredients? Did I […]

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