Food Warrior Series: How Did I Get Here? featuring Alisa Fleming

April 20, 2012

Alisa Fleming of and talks about her life long dairy allergy, ending up in the emergency room, and how her husband’s support helped her make a life change that has transformed her life.

This is an amazing story. If you take anything from this episode, I’d love it to be this:

You know best. If something makes you feel sick, then it’s probably making you sick.┬áTrust your gut.

Please let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to give Alisa a shoutout for being brave enough to sit in front of a camera and tell you about her journey to health.

music: ‘Bees Practice Geometry’ by Luff.


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  1. Sheri says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Our daughter is allergic to dairy and will have immediate breathing problems if she drinks it. While she may not have the same reaction if it’s been baked into something, we avoid it altogether. Besides, who needs milk from animals when homemade almond milk tastes so much better :)

    100% agree with you Lillian. Trust your gut. Trust your gut for your children as well. Love your videos!

    • lillian says:

      Thank you so much Sheri! That means a lot. And thank you for sharing your and your daughter’s experience.

  2. gfveg says:

    very very nicely cut lllian!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, thanks for that story! Empowering reminder to avoid that which makes me sick. :)

  4. I love this video and Alisa! Yes, trust your guts is certainly the message!

  5. What a powerful video! It’s certainly the amazing back story behind Go Dairy Free. I wonder how many are needlessly suffering with a dairy allergy/intolerance (and of course, other food allergies/intolerances). Very compelling message. Watching this interview may truly save someone’s life. Thanks so much, Alisa and Lillian!


  6. AndreAnna says:

    I remember this day and this interview and feeling her emotion and frustration over being sick for so long and having no one help! This was such a great video and I hope it helps others with non-classical symptoms get some answers. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. I love this! Lillian, you did an awesome job. And Alisa, you are so amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your emotions and your journey with us! Did you do this in Colorado last year?

  8. Isn’t it amazing that we just need medical professionals to sit down and LISTEN to us? That is why it is so important to be your own health advocate. I’m really happy you’ve found your way back to health, Alisa. Here’s to good food and good health to all.

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