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Paleo Thin Mints

January 12, 20143 Comments

It’s been years since I’ve had Girl Scout Cookies, and like most of us, they hold a special, longed for place in my heart. In our house, we kept the thin mints in the freezer (like you do).  It was always a challenge to open the roll and not eat the entire thing. A challenge […]

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Sexy Chocolate

January 11, 20140 Comments

 Here’s some sexy chocolate doing sexy things like melting and being made into thin mints. You’re welcome. LOVElillian Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, instagram and if you never want to miss an episode, get on the mailing list!

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Baking As Meditation (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 33 Days)

January 9, 20144 Comments

Peeling and slicing the apples. Mixing the crumble and using my hands. I feel grounded now. The process of baking calms me down and then I get to eat something delicious. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. This is my favorite apple crisp recipe. It’s based on this one, but it’s completely […]

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Booger-Green, Slime, Kale Smoothie (Raw, Vegan)

November 5, 20134 Comments

This kale smoothie is IN YOUR FACE. Clearly, this isn’t really made of boogers and slime. It’s made of kale, bananas, cashews and dates mostly. But whenever people talk about green drinks, they always try to avoid the fact that no matter how delicious they are, they look disgusting. Well, NO MORE. Tess of Healthy […]

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Beyond The Apron

It’s Just Grape Juice: The Problem With Wine Appreciation

August 14, 20133 Comments

For no good reason, we’re intimidated by wine. We’ve forgotten that it’s not some coveted, pedestal worthy artifact. It’s simply something that people drink. For a few years I worked at a wine bar in Manhattan. Effectively, I sold wine. I described the wine, I got excited about the wine, and I was pretty good (not great) at […]

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The Guide To Buying Clean And Healthy Wines

July 23, 201312 Comments

If you want to avoid all of this potentially added into your wine: sulphites sugar stabilizing agents fining and filtration agents clarification agents de-acidification agents acidification agents texturizing agents thickening agents coloring agents synthetic alcohols commercial/fabricated yeasts fabricated tannins defoaming agents Then you need to learn how to shop for wine. You need to know […]

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What’s In My Wine???

July 17, 201313 Comments

Wine has always been difficult for me and I have never understood why. It shouldn’t be a problem for me, since it’s made of grapes, which I’m not allergic to (thank goodness). So I figured that I just can’t handle the alcohol. And that would have made sense to me (having a sensitive body and […]

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Food Warrior Series: The Long Tricky Road To Diagnosis w/ AndreAnna

July 18, 20125 Comments

AndreAnna of Life As A Plate eats a Paleo Diet to help manage her PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and her overall health. (Her transformation has been incredible. See her tell her story here.) But when she changed her diet to manage her own health, she noticed a big change in her family as well. That […]

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3 Is The Magic Number (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 43 Days)

February 14, 20143 Comments

I’m going through some stuff right now and feeling the need to be private for a little while, hence the gap in my daily gratiTUDEs. But don’t worry, I’ll be back when I’m ready. Here is a fantastic song that I hope will brighten your day the way it just brightened mine.  What’s your gratiTUDE […]

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Cookies For Health (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 42 Days)

February 6, 20140 Comments

Even misshapen cookies will make a heart if you have three. “There are lots of therapeutic benefits to eating cookies.” – Sensitive Revolutionairy and all around smart lady, Ane Axford When you’re right, you’re right. What’s your gratiTUDE today? What is a “GratiTUDE”?: GratiTUDE is the general attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness.  What is “What’s […]

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That’s Alright by Laura Mvula (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 41 Days)

February 3, 20141 Comment

I’ve needed a new empowering song and this is it.  “I will never be what you want and that’s alright.” BOOM. Get it. What’s your gratiTUDE today? What is a “GratiTUDE”?: GratiTUDE is the general attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness.  What is “What’s Your GratiTUDE?”: Every day, for as long as I can keep it […]

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SUPER WATER (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 40 Days)

January 31, 20140 Comments

Drinking water with two drops of lemon and grapefruit essential oils makes water even better than it was before. I use doterra. YOU’RE WELCOME. What’s your gratiTUDE today? What is a “GratiTUDE”?: GratiTUDE is the general attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness.  What is “What’s Your GratiTUDE?”: Every day, for as long as I can keep […]

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